The House Shop provides quality home renovations and home extensions that will transform your house into a home. Our team of highly skilled tradespersons work professionally and efficiently, always aiming to satisfy our customers’ needs. We don’t set completion dates that we can’t deliver on, so you will know exactly when your dream home renovation or extension will be finished.

We take care of your property and your belongings when on site, and will advise you when we think furniture needs to be removed or covered. At the end of each day, we will ensure you home is secure and watertight. Our team will remain respectful of your property, cleaning up on a regular basis.

Look no further than The House Shop for a reliable, professional home renovations and extensions team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the entire process work?

Quotations by a business have a high monetary cost which eventually becomes part of the cost to the consumer. At The House Shop we have developed a streamlined process to ensure our products are competitive to the customer. This involves the customer providing preliminary information such as basic measurements and photographs of their project. Most customers are able to do this with their phone and email or text.

Step one:

The customer visits The House Shop and provides their details and a brief description of their intended project. Alternatively they email The House Shop with their information.

Step two:

The House Shop staff forward the request to the appropriate qualified person to prepare a quotation. Staff keep the customer informed each step during the process.

Step three:

The qualified person then prepares the quotation which may entail sourcing further information from the customer. This is done by email.

Step four:

The quotation is presented to the customer for approval.

Step five:

On acceptance of the quotation The House Shop staff will check measure the job and verify all client requirements prior to fabrication or construction.

These five simple steps are the simplest and most cost effective method of providing a quotation service to the customer. At The House Shop staff are dedicated to providing a prompt service to the customer.

What’s the difference between a home renovation and extension?

A renovation is considered to be an improvement upon the existing structure of your home, whereas an extension is considered to be an addition to the existing structure of your home.

Will the agreed contract price change?

No! There are no hidden costs or surprises, the amount you pay is the agreed amount in the contract, unless variations or additional work is requested. In which case, you’ll receive a clear quote before any amendments commence.

When do I have to involve my local council in my building plans?

Your local council website should have guidelines for building or renovating your property. However, we can guide you through the process regarding all approvals; council, building, drafting or engineering.

Can the designs of your granny flats be modified?

We can make alterations to these standard designs subject to architectural approval and the constraints of our patented building system.

How long will it take to build my granny flat?

Construction time is far shorter than conventional building methods. Our modular Designs take 8-10 weeks in factory and includes 1 week install onsite.